Gothenburg Kangeiko 2020

Kan–geiko is a traditional training at the coldest time of the year, and through overcoming this hardship, you start the New Year as you want the rest of the year to be.
Gothenburg Aikido Club has been organizing kan-geiko for more than 25 years. Aikidoka from all over the world have been coming to practice Traditional Aikido under the supervision of Ulf Evenås Shihan.

Followed by the seminar, there will be an uchideshi-week taught by Dan Borg 6 dan, and Günter Annby 6 dan, both top students of Ulf Evenås Shihan. Don’t miss this opportunity to practice under, and get to know top instructors from the newer generation.
Uchideshi week:

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2 jan - 5 jan

Frölunda Judoklubb, Klubbvägen, Västra Frölunda, Sverige

Ulf Evenås Shihan 7 dan

Göteborgs Aikidoklubb


Andra evenemang

6 jun 2024

Jo- och bokkenläger

INSTRUKTÖR: Maria Ahlström, 6 dan
PLATS: Stockholm

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31 maj - 8 jun 2024

Mark Larson Sensei 6th Dan and Lars-Göran Ansersson Sensei 7th DAn

INSTRUKTÖR: 5 Juni till 8 Juni Lars Göran Andesson 7th Dan Mark Larson 6th Dan 31 Maj till 5 Juni Mikael Friberg 5th Dan David Gottlieb 5th Dan Johan Axelsson 5th Dan Magnus Olsson 5th Dan Thomas Törnqvist 4th Dan Peter Hansson 3rd Dan
PLATS: Vellinge

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12 jun - 16 jun 2024

Vanadis Aikido 30 år!

INSTRUKTÖR: Linda Holiday sensei (12/6) Vanadis instruktörer (från 13-16/6)
PLATS: Stockholm

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