Aikido Gasshuku Intense Aikido Seminar

We start at 10.00 in the morning and plan to finish by 17:45 each day.
We will practise,

  • Atemi waza, striking and kicking techniques for the use of Aikido.
  • Taijutsu,kihon, henka and oyo waza
  • Bokken and jo.

Participants are welcome to lodge free of charge in the dojo.

We will arrange at least one party and get together other evenings.

More information will be posted closer to the event. For questions please feel free to contact us.

Hitta hit

2 jul - 4 jul

Rosenlundsgatan 54, Stockholm, Sverige

Mats Alexandersson 6 dan Shidoin

Stockholms Aikidoklubb


Andra evenemang

5 jun - 7 jun 2020

Linda Holiday sensei i Sundsvall

INSTRUKTÖR: Linda Holiday, 6 dan
PLATS: Sundsvall

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5 jun - 7 jun 2020

Aikido för alla

INSTRUKTÖR: Lars-göran Andersson 7 Dan Aikikai Pontus Johansson 2 Dan Wadokai
PLATS: Gråbo

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10 jun - 14 jun 2020

Internationellt sommarläger med Shishiya Sensei 7 dan i Sundsvall

INSTRUKTÖR: Shishiya Sensei 7 dan
PLATS: Sundsvall

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