Läger, Norrköpings Aikidoklubb

We are pleased to have Hélène Doué, 5 dan, to Norrköping.
Hélène is a professional aikido teacher, regularly teaching and practicing at the Paris Vincennes Dojo of Christian Tissier.

Schedule for 17-19/5:
More information to follow

Price for the whole seminar: 500 SEK, this includes training and light lunch on Saturday.
Guests from other countries and students under 18 years 400 SEK.
Per class: 100 SEK.

Accommodation possible with aikidofriends.
In the evening, around noon/ 19:00 there will be dinner and socializing.

Seminar hall:
Norrköpings Judoklubb
Kabelvägen 17, Norrköping

Hitta hit

17 maj - 19 maj

Norrköpings Aikidoklubb, Kabelvägen 17, Norrköping, Sverige

Hélène Doué 5 dan

Norrköpings Aikidoklubb


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