Aikido Friendship Seminar in Torsby Sweden 2023

“We are very proud to be able to invite you to another fantastic Friendship Seminar. This is the 12th time that Lasse Shihan and Mark Shihan have held a seminar together. In the past, they have instructed together in Japan, the USA and Sweden.”
Please note!
In connection with this seminar is the opportunity of a
short Soto/Uchi-deshi week (August 6 – August 10)
Friendship Seminar Program
Schedule: Start Friday 11:00 End Sunday 15:00
Registration: You can register at or +46 (0)76-7953147
Seminar fee: August 11-13 1200 SEK Two days 900 SEK.
Payment before first training.
Soto/Uchi-deshi fee: August 6-10 1000SEK.
Payment before first training.
Party: Saturday night 200 SEK.
Please inform when you register about your participation and if you have any
food restrictions: allergy, vegetarian, vegan, etc.
Accommodation: Hotels, Hostels, Homestays and Dojo.
(Uchi-deshi have priority to the Dojo)
All accommodation should be booked of the participants themselves.
Other: Bring your own jo, bokken and tanto, sport shoes for outdoor training.
(Participants traveling from abroad can borrow weapons).
The seminar is open to everyone, regardless of rank or style.
All participants must be fully insured.


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11 aug - 13 aug

Norra Ringvägen 3, 685 30 Torsby, Sverige

Lars-Göran Andersson 7Dan, Sweden. Mark Larson 6Dan, USA.

Torsby Aikidoklubb


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